1.   What are WhiskerKits?

WhiskerKits are fun monthly packages delivered for cats and their owners.   They are filled with a unique variety of treats, toys, and pet supplies.  We find cool products that you and your pet will love and ship you a fun surprise package each month.   Who doesn’t love getting surprises in the mail?


2.  What types of items are included in a WhiskerKits box?

Each monthly box will contain a variety of treats, toys, grooming tools, and occasionally products for cat parents as well.   A typical box will contain 5-6 goodies.


3.  When are boxes shipped?  Where is my WhiskerKit?

WhiskerKits boxes are shipped during the second week of each month.    If you think you may have missed a shipment, contact us and we’ll make it right.


4.  Can you ship outside the US?

Right now we only ship inside the US, but please check back as we expand.


5.   Are there additional shipping fees?

No!   Shipping is included with your WhiskerKits subscription!


6.  Can I give a WhiskerKits box as a gift?

Absolutely!  WhiskerKits boxes and subscriptions make great gifts.  Give a gift today!


7. Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel any time.  Cancelling means that your subscription will not renew, but you will still receive the remaining WhiskerKits boxes for the plan that you’ve purchased.  We are sad to see anyone go.  If there’s a way we can help keep you happy, please let us know!


8.  I would like my product to be featured in a WhiskerKits box!

We carefully select products for inclusion in our boxes.   Please contact us with more information about your product and we’ll consider it for a future box.


9.  I am interested in purchasing more of an item in one of my WhiskerKits!

We are looking into the option to add a store to purchase contents of past WhiskerKits.  For now, Please contact us and we may be able to help.


10.  I have another question!

Please contact us.  We are happy to help!